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Sardarji Joke - 35

How To Identify A Sardar

You can be sure that the person is sardar when he:

Puts lipstick on the forehead because he wants to makeup his mind.

Gets stabbed in a shoot-out.

Sends a fax with a postage stamp on it.

Tries to drown a fish in water.

Thinks socialism means partying.

Trips over a cordless phone.

Takes a ruler to bed to see how long he slept.

At the bottom of the application where it says "Sign here," he puts "Sagittarius."

Studies for a blood test and fails.

Sells the car for gas money.

Misses the 44 bus, and takes the 22 twice instead.

Drives to the airport and sees a sign, "Airport left," and turns around and goes home.

Gets locked in a furniture shop and sleeps on the floor.