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: Tamil and English

: Approx. 5.9 Million

: 174.00 Sq. kms

: Madras

: Sea level

: South india's film Industry

: The Gateway to the south

: November to February

: The Climate is hot and humid

: Summer - Max : 37   Min : 22

: Winter    - Max : 32   Min : 19.8

: Along the coast of Bay of
  Bengal, Tamil Nadu

: 044


Places In Chennai
Places Aound Chennai
  Introduction to city Chennai - In Tamil Nadu
Chennai is perhaps the most peaceful and green metropolis in India. With a vast population of about six million people, Chennai is a city that is growing, expanding and changing vigorously.
  It's Location
Chennai has the Bay of Bengal bordering its east, while the state of Andhra Pradesh is on its northwest. It has the Kanchipuram on its south and the states of Kerala and Karnataka on its western side.
  The Geography
It is located near the 13th north parallel and 80o longitude, stretching 19km long along the Coromandel coast and extends about 9km inland.
  Highlights Of Chennai:
Capital City of Tamilnadu, it is both the commercial and cultural capital of South India. Export oriented zone promoting Textiles, Leather, Chemicals etc.,

Chennai the fourth largest city in india, Infact, Chennai is an age-old name, Chennapatinam, dug-up, dusted and set on pedestal again! Chennai,widely known as Madras till 1996.
  The History
The first British warehouse came up in 1639 when the British acquired the sandy beach from the local nayaks on lease. It was called Madraspatinam then.

Triplicane was rented from the Sultan of Golconda in 1676. The Fort House, which housed the Governor and his council were added in the 17th century, the Assembly Hall in 1910and the secretariate in 1925.

Until Independence, Madras was the capital of what in British times was called the Madras Presidency, comprising nearly the whole of South India, including the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada speaking areas.

"Madraspatnam" was selected by early English merchants of the East India Company as a site for the settlement.

Chennai was the first British major settlement in India and it was here that many who went on to build the Empire first learnt their trade. As a consequence, the city is replete with much that is of significance in British Indian history. But the much older settlements have stories to tell too, and so the city is an amalgam of ancient and more modern history. Everywhere one goes in Chennai, one can find history written in every name.

Chennai, previously called Madras, is comparatively a new city, about 350 years old. The erstwhile villages of Mylapore, Triplicane, Ezhambur (Egmore), etc., all now a part of Chennai, have a recorded historical past centuries older than Chennai.
  About Chennai
It is the gateway to Southern India ,It was developed after 1639 when the British East India Company established a fort and trading post at the small fishing village of Chennai. It is the capital city of Tamilnadu state. This coastal center of trade has drawn traffic from all over the world for centuries and maintains a cosmopolitan quality as well as a Tamil air.

The blue waters of Bay of Bengal mingle with the golden sands at the beaches of Chennai. Chennai attained a significant place during the British Rule. It is one of the four metropolitan cities of India. Chennai has a lot to offer to tourists in the form of ancient temples and Museums, Churches and forts built during the British rule.

The Traditional And Modern Outlook Of Chennai
It presents a culture that is distinct from that of the northern part of India and is famous for its traditional yet modern outlook. Chennai is a city where the traditional and the modern blend in life everywhere.

From traditional vegetarian fare to fast foods, from nine-yard saris to the latest in fashion, from ancient temple architecture to modern high-rise - with Indo-Saracenic and Victorian as stops along the way - from classical music and dance to discos throbbing to heady beats, Chennai has them all and many more vivid contrasts that are a pleasant surprise.

The People
People in Chennai are deep rooted in their cultural moorings and traditions.

The local Tamils are a majority but you will find a fair sprinkling of people from almost all the other states of india.

Take a busride to the 'Town' and you will feel at home if you are Hindi-speaking person: or to the north Chennai where you will hear the sing-song sweetness of Telugu. Bengali, Gujarathi and the inevitable Malayalam also brush past your ears.

The Climate
Being situated at the tropical zone, Chennai normally has a very hot and humid climate. The best time to visit this city is the winter season.

Winter and summer temperature does not vary much as it rains frequently through the year May is the hottest month (42degree C) when you wont need much clothing, what little you wear can be flimsy cottons. Winters are not less hot than the summers, Monsoons - September, October, November - are wet with intermittent showers.

The Economy
The upper crust of the society live in full style, frequenting five-star hotels and gymkhana while the slum-dwellers live in near poverty. Yet, for a willing pair of hands, ther is always something to do in chennai.

The Staying
Hotels come in a wide variety - you will find in many of them modern comforts enhanced by ancient tradition.

The Shopping
A visit to Chennai to see the graceful people of glorious land will surely help the visitor to carry home this imprint of indian heritage.

Shops are thousands in numbers, Though specific areas like Parry's Corner, Pondy Bazar, Burma Bazar etc. For a very modest amount you can take Tamil Nadu home with you.

Major Industries
Leather goods, Chemicals, Automobile, Computers, Granite, Hardware, Shipping, Sanitary ware, Paint, Machinery & Machine tools, Garment & Sea food Export,Plastic, Rubber, Conveyors, Equipment, Hydraulics, Lubricants, Electronic Components, Timber, Clearing & Forwarding, Packaging, Hotel & Travel Industry, Jewellers, Handicrafts.

Centre Of South India's Film Industry
Chennai is the centre of South India's film industry; its skyline is ablaze with bright movie billboards advertising the latest celluloid fantasies. There are many big film studios.