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B.M. Birla Planetarium

This modern planetarium houses a fully computerized projector to depict the skies. It is situated at Kotturpuram in the city and presents audio-visual programs on astronomy and is a must for students and lovers of astronomy.

This planetarium, built in the memory of Sri B.M.Birla, the eminent industrialist and visionary, is the most modern planetarium in the country. Situated in Kotturpuram, near Adyar, it forms a part of the Periyar Science and Technology Museum. It succeeds in bringing to life the night sky along with the celestial phenomena.

The planetarium plays home to the most modern, sophisticated and versatile GM II projector. The accompanying special effects projector recreates some of the most awe inspiring heavenly phenomena on the specially perforated aluminum inner dome.

This centrally air-conditioned complex also houses a sound studio, classroom and seminar hall. Workshops and discussions involving eminent professionals in this field are conducted, which have been very well attended so far.

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