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Elliot's Beach

This beach is comparatively pleasant, safe for swimming,Ideal for lazy lounging and picnicking.

It is located near Besant Nagar and is ideal for sunset strolls.

The road down south from Marina leads to the alluring Elliot's beach, where the shore is an enjoyable stretch for fun and leisure, frequented during the sweltering summer months. This beach, lined with fast food joints, small stores, and a few shrines, is a popular hangout for the younger generation today.

Elliot's Beach is the preferred destination for those with a clean atmosphere in mind. Affectionately nicknamed "Bessie", Elliot's Beach plays host to crowds right through the day. The Ashtalakshmi temple and Velankani Church are revered spots of faith on the shores. The Schmidt Memorial is an immediately recognisable landmark on this picturesque beach.


It is located near Besant Nagar.

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