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Government Museum

Located on Pantheon Road, Egmore, it is undoubtedly one of the country's finest museums, this is home to one of the finest bronze collections in the world. This renowned museum exhibits a variety of arms, rare coins, vintage stamps, antiques, and musical instruments.

The buildings originally belonged to a group of eminent British citizens, known as the pantheon Committee, in charge of improving the social life of the British in Madras (Chennai). Within the complex lie an Art Gallery, Department of Natural History, a Museum Theatre and the Connemara Public Library.

This Museum established in the year 1857, is undoubtedly one of the country's best museums, which has sections devoted to geology, archeology, anthropology, numismatics, botony, zoology and sculpture. Besides this there is a good collection of arms and armour as well as several other specimens of anthropological interest.

Museum exhibits from the Stone and Iron ages, exquisite carvings and a fairly large collection of South Indian musical instruments and jewellery The bronze gallery has a superb collection of Chola art.

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