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Guindy National Park

The Guindy National Park is 1 km from the Guindy station, sprawling over hundreds of acres and interspersed with different species of endangered trees. Possibly the world's onlygame reserve situated within citylimits. Once this was a part of Governor's Estate, now it is fragmented and the major part is a thickly forested game sanctuary.

This park on the southern outskirts of Chennai, is so vast that spotting wildlife can be difficult. However, it's the only place in the world where it's still possible to see herds of the fast-dwindling species of Indian antelope (black buck). It also has small numbers of spotted deer, civet cats jackals, mongoose and various species of monkeys. More than 30 tree species which include a number of centuries old giagantic shady banyan trees.

The park also has a snake park that includes king cobras, pythons, vipers etc and an amusement park for the children.

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