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High Court Building

On the site of Fort St. George's first Indian town has come up the splendid Indo-Sarcenic buildings of the High Court and the Law College.

The high court was built in 1892 and is believed to be the second largest judicial complex in the world. This imposing Indo-Saracenic style building has beautiful domes, a grand central cupola and many stained glass windows. The complex houses the High Court, the Small Cause's Court and the City Civil Court. It is said to be the largest judicial building in the world after the Courts of London.

You can wander around and site in on the sessions; court No.13 has the finest furniture and decor. A tall granite Doric, column, 49m above sea level, was erected in 1841 to serve as stand for the second chennai Lighthouse and remained until the tallest Minaret in the High Court buildings. This gave way recently to the new lighthouse on the beach. The Doric column still stands tall, and is an ornament to the campus. The interior of the court buildings is a veritable labyrinth of corridors, vestibules and stairways.

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