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Madras University

Just opposite to Anna Square is Madras University, whose ground and buildings are examples of the Indo-lslamic style of architecture. The 'Senate House' across the University is perhaps the best example of this style.

This University is the mother of the Universities in Southern India, occupying a place of pride in the hearts of those who have passed through its portals in the nearly 150 years of its existence. It is a national centre for advanced research in plant pathology, mathematical physics, biophysics, and Indian philosophy.

Instruction is in English and Tamil. Incorporated by an Act of the Legislative Council of India in 1857, the University of Madras was one of the first three Universities to be established in India. The University has over the years attained a reputation of its own as a premier University in the Indian sub-continent.The university was incorporated by the Act(no. XXVII) of 1857 by the Legislative council of India. The function of University limited to affiliation of examination,began its teaching activity from 1913.

Its alumni comprise some of the outstanding scientists including Nobel laureates, eminent statesmen, public figures, savants, exponents in all the fields of thought and arts and intellectuals in the humanities and social sciences. They occupy positions of importance in many world bodies, public and private organisations, state and federal governments, both in India and abroad.

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