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Snake Park

Adjacent Childrens' park is the interesting snake park housing a vast variety of reptiles, ranging from the dark deadly 'King Cobra' 'Banded' Krait' to puff adders', vipers, pythons and alligators. Founded by wildlife conservationist Romulus Whitaker, the Snake Park, at Guindy, houses a variety of reptiles.

The Snake Park with its lizards, crocodiles and turtles is more interesting. It is well maintained with generous enclosures. The next compound is the 'Children Park', which has a small collection of animals and birds and a big play area for children. It is well maintained with generous enclosures.

Information boards debunk many myths about reptiles. Madras Snake Park Trust (MSPT) was established in 1972 by a group of naturalists in the Guindy National Park. For the first two decades since its inception, the Snake Park was known to the world as one of the reputed tourist centres of Chennai city. The snake park will interest visitors of all ages.

People from across the world visit this place to see these rare snakes; many of the species are endangered now. The Snake Park has now been recognised by the Central Zoo Authority as a Medium Zoo in view of the heavy visitor support.

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