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St.Thomas Mount

Situated near the Airport, the small hillock is believed to be the place where his assassins killed the apostle. A flight of 160steps, built by the Armenian merchant Coja Petrus Uscan, Leads up to the summit of St.Thomas Mount (76m).

The paintings of "The Holy Lady and The Child" in the church and "Our Lady of Expectations" are widely believed to have been painted by St.Thomas himself. Close to the seashore, the impressive Basilica is built over the tomb of St. Thomas containing in it's crypt a small hand bone of the Apostle and the head of a lance which is said to have been used in the attack on him.

Also above the altar is an oil painting of the Madonna. This is believed to be one of the seven painted by St.Luke and brought to India By St.Thomas, who never went anywhere without it.

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